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FAQs: meeting preparation

What special preparations have to be taken into account for meetings? 

Since May 19, 2021, meetings in Vienna are possible under certain conditions. We have put together a summary of the current regulations for you. 

The City of Vienna has created an "event checker", which provides information about the current regulations (German only).

Who needs to appoint a Covid-19 officer?

Organizers of gatherings with more than 100 on-site participants  must appoint a Covid-19 officer, and submit and implement a Covid-19 prevention plan. 

Can a venue or agency provide assistance, or act as the Covid-19 officer on my behalf?

Some venues/locations and agencies provide such services, including acting as the Covid-19 officer and/or preparing a Covid-19 prevention plan. Please find an overview here
Unless alternative arrangements are made, it is the organizer's responsibility to appoint a Covid-19 officer and draw up and implement a Covid-19 prevention plan. 

What are the Covid-19 officer's responsibilities? 

At the very least, the Covid-19 officer must be familiar with the Covid-19 prevention plan, conditions on site and organizational procedures. The Covid-19 officer acts as a contact for the authorities and is in charge of ensuring that the Covid-19 prevention plan is implemented.

Who has to draw up the prevention plan?

Organizers of events with more than 100 on-site-participants  and organizers of consumer and trade events must draw up and implement a Covid-19 prevention plan. 

What does the Covid-19 prevention plan have to cover? 

The Covid-19 prevention plan must cover the following areas: 

  • Specific hygiene measures;
  • Procedures in the event of a SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) case;
  • Arrangements for use of restrooms;
  • Procedures for the consumption of food and drinks;
  • Arrangements for managing visitor flows and visitor numbers;
  • Arrangements for distancing measures such as cordons and floor markings;
  • Procedures for training employees on hygiene measures and how to conduct a SARS-CoV-2 antigen test.

Are there any templates available with sample prevention plans? 

Further information as well as templates are available from various sources including the Austrian Economic Chamber (German only). 

Where do prevention plans have to be submitted? 

For all events requiring authorization (i.e. with 500 or more on-site-participants ) a Covid-19 prevention plan must be submitted to the relevant local district authority. In Vienna this is MA15, event notifications should be sent to More information is available on the website of the City of Vienna in German only.

As the authorities may carry out spot checks at any time, a copy of the plan must be available at all times during the event. 

How and where can authorization be obtained for an event? 

The following notification and approval requirements apply for events: 

Notification (electronic via e-mail or web application) must be made at least one week in advance for events with more than 100 on-site-participants . The name and contact details for the organizer of the gathering must be supplied, along with the time, duration, location and purpose of the meeting and the number of participants. 

The district authority must approve events with more than 500 on-site-participants. Approvals take two weeks to process from the date of submission. The same information provided for the notification must also be supplied when the application for approval is made. A Covid-19 prevention plan must also be drawn up and a Covid-19 officer appointed. 

Event registrations should be sent to the MA15 of the City of Vienna at More information is available on the website of the City of Vienna in German only.

When does approval have to be applied for at the latest? 

Notification of events for which an official notice must be submitted (from 100 on-site-participants ) must be made to the district authority at least a week before the starting date. 
It takes two weeks to process approval applications. 

Event registrations should be sent to the MA15 of the City of Vienna at More information is available on the website of the City of Vienna in German only.

What documentation do participants need to provide? 

Participants must be able to confirm that they pose a low epidemiological risk and that they have one of the following three statuses (often referred to in Austria as the "3Gs") :  


  • Official confirmation from a qualified physician of recovery within the past six months.
  • Confirmation of completed quarantine – no older than six months
  • Confirmed presence of antibodies – no older than three months


Confirmation of vaccination with a Covid-19 vaccine approved by the EMA (Biontec/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson):

  • Second dose – no older than 360 days (from the point of time a person received the first dose) 
  • Vaccination with single-dose vaccine – valid from the 22nd day after vaccination for 270 days (from the point of time a person received the first dose)
  • Vaccination of recovered individuals who have be vaccinated once – valid for 270 days (from the point of time the person received the vaccination) 
  • Booster vaccinations – valid for 360 days from vaccination (interval from second vaccination or first vaccination for vaccines requiring only one vaccination must be at least 120 days).


  • Confirmation of a negative SARS-CoV-2 antigen test result from an official testing body – no older than 24 hours
  • Confirmation of a negative SARS-CoV-2 PCR test result from an official testing body – no older than 48 hours

From October 1, 2021, only PCR tests will be accepted as proof for events between 26 and 500 people ("2.5G rule"). From 500 persons, the "2G rule" will then apply: recovered, vaccinated.

Are there different rules for events exclusively for people who have been vaccinated? 

Participants at events must be able to provide a negative test result, confirmation of recovery or proof of vaccination (often referred to in Austria as the "3Gs").

How can I offer coronavirus testing on-site for my participants (rapid testing for events)? 

There are numerous officially-approved testing partners for events in Vienna. A list of Covid-19 testing partners is available for download here

How can the "Green Passport" be checked on participants?

The "Green Passport", the EU Digital COVID Certificate, can be checked via the website (German only) using a smartphone. To do this, access to the cell phone camera must be allowed. Then the QR code is scanned. The person's name and date of birth are displayed, and color information also shows whether the person is authorized to enter. No data is stored.