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Recommendations on Preventing Transmission of Covid-19 at Business Events

These guidelines are aimed exclusively at organizers of business events and are intended to leave room for maneuver in terms of execution, while providing creative leeway depending on the specific situation and the experience of the organizers and their service partners.

The comprehensive catalog of measures, which covers both general and specific hygiene and event requirements, contains essential medical parameters that need to be considered when creating a Covid-19 prevention plan for business events. It goes without saying that all official recommendations have been taken into account and aligned to the latest guidance issued by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection (German only).

All of the legal regulations issued by the federal government pertaining to the Covid-19 Lockerungsverordnung ordinance (German only) can be found here.

To help protect event participants, the federal government has created a special guide that gives an insight into all aspects of safe hospitality – from preventive control measures to what to do if a suspected case arises (German only).

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