Meeting related updates

  • Since 14 September 2020, seated meetings are permitted for up to 50 participants in enclosed spaces and up to 100 participants in outdoor spaces.
  • In addition: since 14 September 2020, meetings with assigned and labelled seating are permitted for up to 1,500 participants in closed spaces and up to 3,000 participants in outdoor spaces.
  • Events with more than 250 participants require a permit from the district authority locally responsible for the venue.

Staff required to host the meeting are not included in these totals.

Meetings with more than 50 participants indoors and with more than 100 participants outdoors must have a dedicated Covid-19 officer and a Covid-19 prevention plan in place. The plan must cover the following:

  1. arrangements for managing visitor flows
  2. specific hygiene measures
  3. procedures to follow if a case of Covid-19 arises
  4. arrangements for use of WC facilities
  5. procedures for serving food and drink

Fundamental rules for meetings

The following points must be observed at meetings with assigned and labeled seating:

  • A minimum distance of 1 meter must be maintained between participants who do not live in the same household or constitute part of the same group of visitors.
  • If it is not possible to maintain this distance due to the arrangement of seating, then the seat between participants must be left empty and participants must wear a mask – unless suitable protective measures can be implemented to minimize the risk of transmission of the disease.
  • Participants must wear a mask whenever they leave their designated seat, unless they are outdoors.

At meetings without designated and labelled seating, a distance of at least one meter must be kept between people who do not live in the same household. In addition, masks must be worn in all indoor spaces in public areas.

The rules currently in force for the restaurant and hospitality industry also apply wherever food or drinks are served to participants at meetings.

If it is not possible to wear a mask while maintaining a distance of at least one meter between participants due to the specific nature of a training session or continuing education course, the risk of spreading infection must be minimized through the use of other protective measures.

Masks do not have to be worn by participants once they are sitting in their assigned seat, or by speakers, trainers or instructors.

Trade and public fairs are permitted with the approval of the competent district administrative authority. Furthermore, lectures, seminars, etc. will also be possible within the framework of these trade and public fairs under the same regulations.

Additional information regarding guidelines for meetings are covered by the Ordinance of the Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection in which the Covid-19 Lockerungsverordnung is regularly amended (last update 14 September 2020).

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