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Meeting related updates

Currently, the following regulations apply to events and meetings: 

  • Maximum of 25 people at events without assigned seating, "2G rule" (vaccinated, recovered) and FFP2 mask requirement.
  • For a maximum of 500 people with assigned seating: "2G rule" (vaccinated, recovered) and FFP2 mask requirement.
  • For a maximum of 1,000 persons with assigned seating: "2G+ rule" (vaccinated or recovered, additionally PCR-tested) and FFP2 mask requirement.
  • For a maximum of 2,000 persons with assigned seating: 3x vaccinated (booster vaccination) additionally PCR-tested and FFP2 mask obligation.
  • For events with more than 50 people, notification is mandatory, a COVID-19 officer must be appointed and a COVID-19 prevention concept must be drawn up. 
  • For events with more than 250 persons, a permit is required.

Valid entry tests or evidence of low epidemiological risk are: 

  • Proof of vaccination with an EMA-approved vaccine against COVID-19 (Biontec/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson). 
    • The second vaccination is valid for 270 days from the date of the second vaccination, with at least 14 days between both partial vaccinations. 
    • Vaccines for which only one vaccination is scheduled are valid for a total of 270 days from the date of vaccination beginning on the 22nd day after vaccination. Vaccination certificates for one dose with Janssen lose their validity as of January 3, 2022. A second dose is required (at the earliest 14 days after the first dose) to maintain the validity of the vaccination certificate. 
    • The vaccination for recovered individuals, who have been vaccinated once, is valid for 270 days from the date of vaccination. 
    • Booster vaccinations are valid for 270 days from vaccination (interval from second vaccination must be at least 120 days, interval from vaccination for vaccines requiring only one vaccination must be at least 14 days). 
  • Proof of recovery by an official discharge certificate (valid for 180 days), a medical confirmation of a prior infection confirmed by means of a molecular test (valid for 180 days)

Restaurants and hotels are open, a "2G-rule" is in force. In enclosed spaces, an FFP2 mask must be worn away from the respective seat. Registration is mandatory. Operators must appoint a COVID-19 representative and present a COVID-19 prevention concept. For hotel stays, PCR tests (validity 48 hrs) and antigen tests (validity 24 hrs) are accepted for international hotel guests in exceptional cases. 

Guests can also take advantage of Vienna's testing options, you can find details about all the possibilities here.

Latest COVID-19 information on travelling to or staying in Vienna can be found on our B2C website

Further information (in German):

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