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Broadcasting Studios in Vienna

If participants cannot attend in person for whatever reason, then it's down to the organizers to take the event to them instead. And numerous broadcasting studios at Meeting Destination Vienna provide professional services to help them do precisely that. 

The Austria Center Vienna's virtual studios offer an impressive range of custom solutions for hybrid events, including high-spec LED walls and a fully-equipped green screen studio. Content can be pre-recorded, ready to stream as needed, while the state-of-the-art technology means that patching in external feeds in real time from elsewhere couldn’t be simpler. 

Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center has a professional broadcasting studio measuring around 190 square meters, as well as a separate editing suite. Cutting-edge 4K camera equipment and a 36 square meter digital background open up all kinds of creative opportunities. 

HOFBURG Vienna has also expanded its streaming offering, providing a professional studio in the extraordinary architecture of the house's ballrooms. The studio is particularly adaptable: studio and control room can be set up in different rooms at the touch of a button. Two manned cameras and three PTZ cameras ensure a wide range of applications.  

Various accommodations such as Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen, Novotel Wien Hauptbahnhof (Link en fehlt), and historic locations including Palais Berg and Palais Niederösterreich are kitted out with their own fully-equipped studios where organizers can stage professional video conferences, interviews and online congresses for hybrid or virtual meetings.

Besides hotels and major exhibition centers, a number of meeting locations and service providers also have their own broadcasting studios. Highlights include the Riesenrad STUDIO (German only) at the Zum Riesenrad event location next to the Giant Ferris Wheel – where the world-famous Viennese landmark can be recorded in the background. Nordlicht has a modern event streaming studio with separate rooms, while event planner and service provider Habegger (German only) offers a choice of three film and streaming studios in Vienna. In addition to its 12m by 7m Virtual Production Studio Vienna facility, it also has studios at the Allianz Stadion and the Uniqa Tower. 

A list of selected event locations, studios and hotels with virtual broadcasting studios can be found below. Other facilities are also available!

Austria Center Vienna    
Studio with LED wall, green screen

Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen
Adapted suite, streaming studio

Austrian Webinars

BFI Wien (German only) 
Basic equipment for small broadcasts

Habegger Austria (German only)    
Large virtual production studio with 360° LED wall

Professional event streaming studio 

Media Productions
Professional TV studios

Messe Wien Congress & Exhibition Center   
Studio with LED wall

MGL Video (German only)    
Professional TV studios

MMC Haus Wien (German only)
Professional TV studios

Nordlicht Wien
Live streaming studio

Novotel Wien Hauptbahnhof  
Green screen, live broadcast studio

Palais Berg 
Live streaming studio

Palais Niederösterreich 
Live streaming studio

Palladion 21 (German only)
Event halls with virtual streaming options

Zum Riesenrad – Riesenrad STUDIO (German only)

Studio Totale (German only)
Professional TV studios