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Mystery Rallies & Scavenger Hunt


Equipped with iPads and state-of-the-art software, participants embark on a multi-faceted digital scavenger hunt. The teams try to solve as many tabspots as possible. Each group decides for itself how to walk through the city and which tabspots to visit. The interactive map, live chat and a real-time high score provide the necessary competitive atmosphere among the teams.

Group size:
From 4 to 1,000 persons

Teamgeist Wien GmbH
Strobachgasse 13/17, 1050 Vienna
Phone: +43-1-375 01 98

Mysterious Vienna

The unforgettable way to get to know the city, its originals and the Viennese language. There are no limits to the imagination – the teams have to answer tricky questions, complete tasks and overcome many hurdles. In the process, they get to know Vienna off the beaten track. They have two different options to experience Vienna: either classic, analog with a game sheet and map or modern and digital with tablets.

Group size:
From 4 to 500 persons

Event Agency Himbeere
Lugeck 1-2/Top 35, 1010 Vienna
Phone: +43-650-505 20 30

Prater iPad Rally

The Vienna Prater is fun and exciting, but also tranquil and quiet. The perfect place for the iChallenge! In teams, participants navigate their way to various stations via iPad. A ticket for one of the numerous attractions is of course included. They explore the surroundings, take photos and creative videos, look for sights, solve puzzles and answer questions. But which team manages to collect the most points and win the medals?

Group size:
From 15 to 400 persons

Retter Events – Vienna Office
Deinleingasse 3, 1220 Vienna
Phone: +43-1-202 02 30

Nature Rally Team Challenge

The nature rallye incl. GEO Caching for smaller and bigger teams surrounded by greenery at the Wilhelminenberg with a wonderful view over Vienna. The special features of the " Nature Rallye at Wilhelminenberg" are besides the spectacular environment the proximity and flexibility in planning and realization. The development and composition of the challenges can be tailored to the company or branch specifics and desired topics can be incorporated. During the 2 hours, you can get out into nature and enjoy the expanse above Vienna. 

Group size:
From 8 persons

glow creative cec
Sprengersteig 2, 1160 Vienna
Phone: +43-664-303 60 90

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