Incentive Schnitzel cooking class at Meissl & Schadn

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Cooking Courses

Experience Cooking Together

Bring people closer together, bring joy, good food and the best ingredients. After a welcome and a small aperitif, it's straight to the Mis En Place (preparation). After peeling, cutting and marinating, everyone gets to work on the stove. Everybody participates, but don't forget to top up; wine, juice & CO is always ready to hand. The finished dishes are arranged on plates and served a la Russe (as a table buffet). Every participant takes what they would like best. Of course there is enough for a second serving.

Group size:
From 5 to 50 people

WRENKH – Wiener Kochsalon
Bauernmarkt 10, 1010 Vienna
Tel.: +43-699-101 10 103

Viennese Schnitzel Cooking Course

Pound, bread and bake your own schnitzel in the open salon kitchen of Meissl & Schadn. Directly on the Ringstraße boulevard, interested guests are initiated into the secrets of schnitzel preparation in an exclusive setting. At the end of the one-hour course, a schnitzel prepared by your own hands, including a certificate, awaits you, with which you can henceforth introduce yourself as a certified "world class schnitzel maker".

Group size:
From 2 to 7 persons

Meissl & Schadn Wien
Schubertring 10-12, 1010 Vienna
Phone: +43-1-902 12

Andante: Culinary, Encounter and Well-being.

"Hands-on" cooking courses! In the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant Andante, cooking courses on Viennese cuisine are offered on a regular basis. Enjoy a culinary-historical journey into this traditional Austrian cuisine, cook together and learn all the tricks to make the delicious menu a success at home. The courses are also ideal for teambuilding and corporate events.

Group size:
Up to 25 persons

Conceptio GmbH
Hetzgasse 39, 1030 Vienna
Phone: +43-1-440 20 18 18

Exklusive Cooking Workshops

Whether it's a company party or team building, experience an enjoyable evening at Babette's! You want to celebrate a special success or Christmas with your team or customers, get in the mood for an exciting workshop or enjoy the good cooperation away from the daily office routine? A joint cooking evening promotes creativity and group dynamics in a completely new and particularly enjoyable way – and can also give fresh strength to the team spirit far beyond the successful festive meal.

Group size:
From 8 to 16 persons

Babette's Spice & Books for Cooks
Schleifmühlgasse 17, 1040 Vienna
Phone: +43-1-585 51 65

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