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Citybike Vienna

The Citybikes may be rented out and returned at any of the public stations in Vienna. Information about how many bicycles are available at which stations can be obtained at the terminals and on the Internet ( There are over 120 stations that are often located near subway stations or other public transportation.

Registration: On the Internet at (website optimized for mobile use!) or directly at the Citybike Terminal with a credit card (Master Card, Visa, JCB) or a bank card (Maestro or V PAY card) issued by an Austrian bank. One-time registration fee: 1 euro (only one bicycle per card!)

Rental charges: The duration of the rental starts with the removal of a Citybike from the bike box and ends when the Citybike is returned to a bike box. Caution: Wait until the green lights comes on, which signals the end of the rental.

The first hour is free, after which a trip fee is charged:

  • 2nd hour: 1 euro per started hour
  • 3rd hour: 2 euros per started hour
  • 4th - 120th hour: 4 euros for each started hour. Flat fee for exceeding the hours: 600 euros

Loss: If the bicycle is lost, the renter is liable for the value of the Citybike.

Citybike Info Hotline: +43 1 7980 777

Citybike Tourist Card at RadSTATION

RadSTATION at Vienna Main Station offers a special service for tourists: You can rent several bikes at the same time with your credit card, without having to register with Citybike.

How to do it: Leave your credit card details with RadSTATION as security in return for the desired number of Citybike tourist maps (one per bike) for the desired duration - and off you pedal. A Tourist Card entitles use of a Citybike. Billing takes place upon return of the card, cus-tomers pay on the spot (Map rental fee: €2.50 per day + the trip fee of Citybike Vienna).

Die Radstation Vienna Main Station / Wien Hauptbahnhof

Am Hauptbahnhof 1, 1100 Wien
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