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Vienna is not just a city that offers exceptional quality of life, it is also a base for countless international organizations and companies. The UN made the Austrian capital one of its four official seats, it is home to more than 40 intergovernmental organizations (including the IAEO and OPEC). In all, these international organizations employ more than 6,000 people in Vienna. In addition, more than 200 multinational corporations take advantage of Vienna as an ideal location for servicing Central and Eastern Europe.

The city's high quality of life and safety are reasons why international companies and organizations choose Vienna as a location to do business. The multinational flair contributes to Vienna being highly regarded around the world by meeting organizers and participants alike. In 2019, a record year so far, more than 5,000 conventions and corporate events were held. Before the global corona pandemic, Vienna welcomed up to 630,000 event attendees to the city annually.  International rankings, including that of the ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) confirm Vienna’s importance as a meeting destination. In 2019, Vienna ranked 6th. 

The international character of the city is based on its openness to the world – which in turn finds its foothold in the multicultural composition of Vienna's population. Vienna is currently a home and place of employment for people from all parts of the world, around one third of Viennese were born outside Austria and almost 45% of the 1.9 million residents have a "migrant background" – in other words, both parents were born abroad, with members of the First Generation having been born abroad and members of the Second Generation having been born in Austria.

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