Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class

The Premium Economy Class in the cabin is optically separated from the Business Class and Economy Class. The new travel class offers passengers from Austrian Airlines more service and comfort. The centerpiece of the new Premium Economy Class is a new seat offering passengers more comfort on their journey compared to regular Economy Class seats. The backrest offers a recline angle of up to 40 degrees to the back. The generous seat spacing of up to 97 cm or 38 inches ensures greater legroom. Additional footrests take the strain off the legs on a long flight. Adjustable headrests and earflaps provide travelers with comfortable support while they sleep, and ergonomic seat and back cushions ensure optimal seating comfort. However, the new Premium Economy Class offers much more than a considerably more comfortable seat. Passengers in the new travel class can check in two pieces of luggage at no charge, each with an allowable weight of up to 23 kilograms. Seat reservations before the flight are free of charge and extensive in-flight entertainment program with cinema highlights as well as audio and video on demand shorten the flight.

*Senator or HON Circle Members are entitled to check in a third 23 kg bag.

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