Marx Halle: An exceptional venue

The Marx Halle in the heart of the revitalised Neu Marx in the third district of Vienna has developed into a new hotspot in the event scene of the capital and beyond.

There are no limits to the possibilities in the listed architectural jewel - Vienna‘s last standing wrought-iron construction. There is plenty of space in the four halls with a total of 20,000 m². Gala dinners for several thousand people or renowned congresses and conferences as well as art- and culture-events, TV-productions, concerts or creative festivals can be held there.

In addition to the enormous dimensions and the flexible spatial structure, the historic building distinguishes itself from the usual venues by its industrial charm. The wide, even rooms offer an unforgettable, spectacular setting for every event. Anyone who has ever been here, whether as a guest or organiser, will remember the impressive setting for a long time to come.

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