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Austria’s largest conference hotel is growing even further!

The third-largest Hilton hotel in Europe with a total floor space of around 50,000 square meters across fifteen floors, is being expanded and extensively modernized during operation.

The modernization of the hotel will include the entire interior, all existing rooms and conference spaces, the Executive Lounge, the 15th floor presidential suite and the entire lobby and dining area on the ground floor.

As part of the refurbishment, floors 13 and 14, which were previously used as office space, will be integrated into the hotel use, resulting in the addition of 78 new, high-quality rooms and junior suites with impressive views of Vienna's city centre.

The meeting and conference hotel will hold 660 rooms, including 70 suites after completion of the modernization. As a result, the significant limit of 600 rooms under one roof for conference organizers is exceeded. In addition to the rooms, the public areas of the hotel including all conference and event spaces will be modernized and equipped with innovative design and state-of-the-art technology.

One focus of the modernization is the redesign of the lobby and restaurant area on the ground floor of the hotel. The aim of the innovative redesign is to create a connection between the hotel and the lively environment of the city centre, in order to intensify the exchange of guests, whilst simultaneously providing a high-quality gastronomic offer to the local community. The refurbishment works started in early 2019 and completion is scheduled for mid-2020.

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