A project for clean water in Bangladesh is supported by flight compensatations

The very personal contribution against climate change

Climate change affects us all and will hit the young generation in particular. The Viennese social start-up ReGreen addresses this issue and has developed an innovative solution for the sensitive problem. The young entrepreneurs Christoph Rebernig (22) and Karim Abdel Baky (22), who have been working on reducing emissions since their school days, have developed the mindfulflights platform to give travelers the opportunity to make their own flight climate neutral as transparent (United Nations certified) and sustainable as possible. Air passengers can use the climate protection platform mindfulflights to calculate and compensate their emissions. This makes your own flight climate neutral. The emissions caused are offset by United Nations-certified climate protection projects.

"With every climate compensation, three projects are supported. With the compensation of a flight from Vienna to London for € 7,- one protects about 160 square meters of Amazon forest area, enables sustainable energy in India and provides drinking water for three people in Bangladesh ", so the founders. Certificates certify the individually created change.

The young startup always works according to the principle "avoid - reduce - compensate" and would like to encourage you to deal with air travel more carefully. Numerous institutions already count among its customers, including the European Forum Alpbach, the beverage manufacturer "all i need" and the corporate platform respACT.

For further information please visit www.mindfulflights.com

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