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Internationally outstanding WLAN at the Austria Center Vienna scoops Digital Infrastructure Award

Award confirms effectiveness of new strategy

"The competition was tough and this international award is welcome recognition that the digital strategy that I developed with my team at the Austria Center Vienna - and which our IT partner H82 has implemented so smoothly - is hitting the right spot," said Susanne Baumann-Söllner, Managing Director of the Austria Center Vienna. "We have invested heavily in seamless, high-availability wireless local area network (WLAN) infrastructure to facilitate optimal networking among participants and support paperless congresses, live HD streaming and hybrid meeting formats," she added.

100 Mbit/s free and unlimited device connection for up to 20,000 users

A seamless, high-availability WLAN for 20,000 users or 35,000 simultaneous connections from multiple devices gives event organisers access to a truly unique IT infrastructure package. The system's appeal also stems from its fast download speeds. "It delivers unlimited internet access and enables participants to download large volumes of data quickly irrespective of the type, age and origin of the device being used. Our system allows users to simply log in, start networking or work as if they were in their own home," she explained.

This is made possible thanks to a high concentration of HD access points (93 in total) and excellent bandwidth. Bandwidth is set at 1 GB/s as standard, with the option to increase speed to 4 GB/s at any time. From the summer onwards, organisers will have access to speeds of up to 20 GB/s. 100 Mbit/s are available to all organisers absolutely free of charge under standard agreements - which is a unique selling point in its own right.

The IT infrastructure is complemented by 1,500 permanently cabled LAN connections dotted throughout the building. These are particularly in demand for offices at large-scale congresses and in smaller meeting rooms.

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