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HOFBURG Vienna – Imperial & Co(ntemporary)

The former imperial residence is a living, breathing example of the perfect interplay between historic and contemporary elements. The HOFBURG Vienna is synonymous with premium quality. Participants expect that certain something as they look to get away from their day-to-day routine, take a departure from more familiar settings and provide enduring memories that leave the mainstream way behind. The greatest challenge facing the industry today is in finding new ways to customise content, an area where personalisation and fresh forms of communication lead the way.

The range of services offered by the HOFBURG Vienna includes bespoke solutions put together in line with our professional approach to venue management. Designing and planning individual technical media solutions is another key focus. Mobile devices are ideal for implementing communications activities and play an important role in bringing events to life. The location also act as a communications hub, offering comprehensive event management packages for organisers who are looking for that something extra in today’s digital world. New forms of communication and innovative formats illustrate the flexibility of the individual multi-purpose spaces for events for 50 – 3,900 persons.

Support during the conceptual and planning phase comes in the shape of technical consulting by the HOFBURG Vienna team. From sound, lighting, video and stage equipment to special effects, 3D mapping and visualisations, the event center offers a full range of services. The HOFBURG Vienna is a multi-purpose location, and this is reflected in more than 320 events per year.

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Mrs. Magdalena Gurtner/ Mrs. Nadine Schulz
Manager Sales & Business Development
T + 43 1 5873666 610, F + 43 1 535 64 26


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