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Events at Austria Trend Hotels offer cutting-edge cuisine and feature current nutritional trends

Energy for the body.
We all know that a seminar day can drag on, with the body and mind gradually becoming tired. To enable you to quickly recharge your batteries, Austria Trend Hotels offer high-fibre brain food, such as almonds, hazelnuts and cashews.

Brain food makes you smart.
Increased energy thanks to proper nutrition. Meat, chicken, fish, eggs and milk are excellent sources of protein and particularly good for concentration. The preparation method is very important. Austria Trend Hotels therefore use gentle, low-fat cooking processes.

A clear head for clear thinking.
Do you often forget to drink? This slows down our metabolism and energy and also reduces our motivation. Austria Trend Hotels' herb or fruit-infused water variations provide plenty of choice for drinking sufficient fluids during the course of the day.

Vegan cuisine creates diversity.
Vegan cuisine isn't only undergoing a sensational development in domestic kitchens, but the nutritional trend has also become standard in the catering and hotel industry. Vegan dishes are available during coffee breaks, as well as at lunch and dinner.

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