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Pictures often tell more than thousand words. The new videos HOFBURG Vienna and HOFBURG Silvesterball have been added to our "Inspiration Gallery", which presents our international conference and event centre in the heart of Vienna. Dip into our event world and explore 35 rooms and halls for up to 4,900 people, and 320 events attracting more than 300,000 participants each year, the HOFBURG Vienna is the hotspot for a surprisingly wide range of get-togethers.

Inspirational ideas for your event: Emotionally appealing visuals and the dynamic design of the film sequences in the HOFBURG Vienna image video provide a range of impressions from the events of today and yesterday. "The word 'premium' is the best way to sum up our strategy of transforming an event into something unforgettable," Alexandra Kaszay explains. Spring will be given over to events such as the Pioneer's 2019 or the Forum Prävention 2019 and the International Vienna Motor Symposium will celebrate its 40th anniversary in the state rooms. The HOFBURG Vienna's fantastic mix of events each year highlights its versatility as a venue, which has earned it a place among the leaders on the Austrian and international market.

HOFBURG Vienna as a state-of-the-art location and as a meeting place for contemporary events:

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