Vienna terror attack

Vienna has been struck at its heart – in a time already shaped by so much uncertainty and concern. That is precisely why it is our duty to ensure that the nation’s capital continues to function. For the people who live here, and to show the whole world that we will not be intimidated, give up, or abandon our way of life.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the emergency services who risked their own safety to protect the public and are continuing to work tirelessly, as well as to the hotels, bars and restaurants and cultural venues that provided shelter for people fleeing the attack. In line with police recommendations, the Tourist Info center on Albertinaplatz will be closed today, before resuming normal opening hours tomorrow. We took the decision to suspend our digital campaigns as soon as details of the terrorist attack emerged, but feel strengthened by the strong support from our national and international partners and not least by our global audience at this difficult time. We would like to share this positive energy and assure you that we are continuing to work for you without interruption and will be available throughout the current lockdown.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

Best regards
Norbert Kettner and the Vienna Tourist Board team

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