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Messe Wien launches 3-D planning tool for event organisers

From now on, all actual and potential guest-event organisers at the Messe Wien Congress Center can take advantage of an ultra-modern digital planning and visualisation tool. This instrument enables the user to define and configure a wide range of technical and design-related options, and includes the precise determination of room dimensions, fixtures and fittings – to the exact requirements of the organiser. This gives customers a decisive head-start on the competition, and saves time by offering a realistic image of how the planned event could or should look ‘in detail’ and ‘on site’ at a very early stage.

Valuable decision-making aid

The configuration tool is based on the software of an app developed by the Austrian company ViewAr. The organiser is able to access rooms interactively, explore them from a range of angles, to add, arrange and exchange furniture and fixtures, and move them at will. Realistic 3D simulations of all surfaces, rooms, equipment options and furnishing arrangements in the Congress Center help immensely when ensuring all the right decisions are made. The new Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center visualisation software assures optimum planning and reliable implementation throughout every phase of a project. "Internationally, provision of this service – in such high quality – puts us at the forefront of the industry. All options are open to our customers from the very beginning!" states Martina Candillo, Director Congresses & Events at Messe Wien.

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