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Austria Center Vienna: Austria’s first green conference centre presents roadmap to green meetings

As Austria's first green conference centre, the Austria Center Vienna team will certify your green event or green meeting free of charge, and provide all the support and advice you need to ensure that your next event is a lasting – and sustainable – success.

According to experience, the path towards initial certification raises lots of questions for event organisers: how much extra work is it, what do I have to pay particular attention to and is there anything that the event venue can take care of for me? To help the planner navigate the process, the Austria Center Vienna has put together a short roadmap to provide an overview by using an intuitive traffic light system. This roadmap will hopefully inspire you to get to work on your green event immediately.

The Austria Center Vienna generates it's own electricity, heating and cooling energy. The LED lighting and heat recovery systems, together save enough energy to power more than 750 households a year. When it comes to hosting their green meetings, the customers of the Austria Center Vienna can draw on the full support of it's certified partner companies, which include catering and stand assembly experts.

In addition, the Austria Center Vienna is certified as official Healthcare Venue for the second year in a row. The teams’ dedicated Healthcare Champion Michaela Schmidt will be your contact person for all meetings & events in the healthcare sector. The team of the Austria Center Vienna would be delighted to assist you in hosting a successful and compliant healthcare event at the convention centre.

Additional information / Enquiries:
Phone: +43-1-260 69-355


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