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European Congress of Radiology to be held in summer until 2025

In 2022, the European Congress of Radiology, or ECR, will be held from July 13 to 17. The upcoming dates for the next three years have also been set for early July: 

  • ECR 2023: July 5-9
  • ECR 2024: July 3-7
  • ECR 2025: July 2-6

The European Society of Radiology has made the decision to hold the ECR in the summer, primarily with considerations related to the pandemic. The summer date should allow the Society to hold the event under the most favorable conditions to ensure a safe event for all participants. 

By fixing the dates for the next three years, the European Society of Radiology ensures continuity and stability for the participants and the team that organizes the ECR. 

The European Society of Radiology looks forward to taking advantage of the warmer weather to provide an innovative and original meeting experience at future ECRs. After all, summer congresses offer new and exciting opportunities for the congress and its participants. 

The 2022 European Congress of Radiologists will be held July 13-17 as an onsite and online congress.

More information: https://www.myesr.org/congress 

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