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Vienna is the world's greenest city

Vienna welcomes its visitors with fresh air – no other city in Europe has a higher proportion of green spaces. The city also leads the way when it comes to sustainability and protecting the environment: Vienna is the internationally recognized capital of conservation and an eco standard bearer in numerous areas including wastewater management, air quality and water supply. Did you know that in Vienna, it's natural spring water that comes out of the city's drinking water taps? There are many reasons why Vienna is the world's most livable and greenest meeting destination.

World's greenest city

Leading international advisor Resonance Consultancy published its World's Greenest Cities ranking on Earth Day, April 22, 2020. Vienna emerged the winner, ahead of 50 other cities covered by the study. The ranking was based on a range of criteria including availability of greens spaces, use of renewable energy, use of public transportation, pedestrian-friendliness, recycling infrastructure, water consumption, air quality and the number of local markets. In Vienna's case, the high proportion of green spaces (almost 50% of the total area) and widespread use of the public transportation network were singled out for particular mention. These were just some of the factors that helped Vienna to the title of the world’s greenest city, ahead of Munich, Berlin, Madrid and São Paulo.

Green meetings and green events

In Austria, organizers can obtain certification for their events in accordance with the Austrian Eco-label, a distinction which highlights their sustainability credentials. Green meetings and green events are characterized by greater energy efficiency, avoidance of waste, and active promotion of environmentally friendly travel options to and from the event. Other key considerations include added value for the host region and social responsibility factors. Between 2010 and 2019, a total of 784 events and meetings were officially certified in Vienna, with 90 obtaining the Austrian Eco-label certification in 2019 alone. As an official licensee for the Austrian Eco-label for green meetings and green events, the Vienna Convention Bureau helps organizers to plan such events, and is authorized to grant certification. To find out more about the certification process, visit our website where you will also find out who to contact for support and advice on green meetings and green events, as well as a checklist for sustainable events and meetings.

Green venues

Events and meetings can have a considerable ecological footprint, but organizers can take steps to reduce their environmental impact by selecting ecolabel-certified venues as the host for their event. Hotels and venues bearing the Austrian Eco-label are committed to conserving energy and water, offering natural foods from local suppliers and actively promoting environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Our Venue Finder currently lists 33 meeting hotels and locations certified in accordance with these criteria. We look forward to helping you in your search for the ideal location for your eco-friendly event soon. You can at any time for advice and support on hosting your green meeting or green event in Vienna.

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