EventHorizon at the Hofburg Vienna
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HOFBURG Vienna - digital production

The move away from preconceived notions of what an event should look like brings additional responsibilities for today’s organisers at both the planning and execution stages.

The Eventhorizon gathering was the first time that a global summit put a revolving stage at the heart of proceedings. Positioned in the centre of the room, the podium was synchronised with all of the other audiovisual effects in the space, creating an unprecedented focus on the content being presented and the emotions of the individual speakers. Perfect interplay between light and architecture, images and message, sounds and colours created a new experience for visitors in the state rooms of the HOFBURG Vienna – and left a lasting impression. In technical terms, the real challenge was transmitting such large amounts of data wirelessly. All of the camera signals, audio signals and images used in the speakers’ presentation had to be sent from the podium in the middle of the room to the editorial suite and back again, since the revolving stage made transmitting data by cable impossible.

Event organisers are increasingly turning to live communication to capture the audience’s attention for a memorable experience. Hosts need to reach out to people emotionally – and to have a few surprises up their sleeves. The HOFBURG Vienna can offer a wide variety of angles, all of which are unique.

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