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KUONI crucially aligns with environmental protection

As of now – under the umbrella of JTB Corporation –  KUONI Congress reconceives internal work processes within the scope of environmental protection and submitted for ISO 20121 certification.
KUONI Congress always aims to be one step ahead. Recently, KUONI Global Travel Services announced it is to be acquired by the JTB Corporation forming part of its subsidiary Travel Plaza Europe (TPE). JTB is one of the biggest, most respected and stable players in our industry. Joining JTB will allow us to further enhance our customer service and broaden our product offering. In addition to the growing team and a new owner, KUONI Congress has continuously been expanding its "green" network. This happens for one simple reason; the aspects "Corporate Social Responsibility" and "Environmental Protection" are gaining influence in our daily business. Particularly in regards to the ISO 20121 certification, it's our aspiration to keep becoming "greener" day by day. In this regard, we place a high value on the careful selection of external suppliers. The cooperation with new partners lays a foundation for offering our clients brand new and innovative services, keeping our mission constantly in mind: go green, go fresh, go smart!

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