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Which events can be funded?

International association congresses that take place in Vienna in January, February, March, April, July, August, November or December. The number of international overnight stays generated in Vienna must be at least 50% of the total number of participants on site.

What is the minimum duration for an event to be eligible for funding?

The duration of the event is at least 4 hours. The number of international overnight stays generated in Viennese hotels for participation in the event must be at least 50% of the total number of participants in the event on site.

How many participants need to take part in an event for it to be eligible for funding?

At least 50 participants on site.

Are hybrid events also funded?

If at least 50 people take part in Vienna on site funding can be requested for the persons participating on site. If the event also takes place as a hybrid event, this part of the event is not additionally supported.

Is funding available for exclusively virtual events?


Who is eligible to apply?

National and international associations that are planning and holding an international congress in Vienna and that bear the economic risk and thus all costs for this event are eligible to apply. In addition to associations, legal entities under public law (e.g. universities) as well as private universities and universities of applied sciences may submit applications for funding, provided that the object of funding is (association) congresses.
Agencies are entitled to apply if they are demonstrably working on behalf of the organizer.

Are agencies also eligible to apply?

Agencies are then entitled to apply if they can prove to have been commissioned by the organizer. A maximum of one agency is entitled to apply per event.

Can the agency also apply for the payment to be made directly to the organizer (end customer)?

Yes. Payment is generally made to the organizer; in individual cases also to the authorized agency. 

Who is not eligible to apply?

a. Applicants with pending insolvency proceedings
b. Legal entities not mentioned in point 3.1 of the funding guidelines.

Can organizers who are headquartered outside Austria also apply for funding?

Yes, organizers and agencies based outside Austria are also eligible to apply.

Which events cannot be funded?

  • Corporate events of any kind
  • Pure evening events such as galas, award ceremonies, Christmas parties, etc.
  • Exhibitions and trade fairs
  • Cultural and sporting events

Does the event have to take place in one place?

No, the event can also take place in several Viennese hotels and (event) locations. 

Does a certain percentage of the participants have to come from abroad?

The number of international overnight stays in Viennese hotels for participation in the event must be at least 50% of the number of participants in the event on site.

Can events that take place outside of Vienna also be funded?


In which period does the event have to be held?

The event must take place in Vienna in the months of January, February, March, April, July, August, November or December.

What funding opportunities are there?

Please see table in the Funding Guidelines, point 5.2.

How high can a possible funding be for my event?

The maximum funding amount per event is EUR 40,000. The overview table can be found in the Funding Guidelines, point 5.2.

Which costs are eligible for funding?

Funding is provided for variable costs that are incurred or have been incurred directly in connection with organizing the event and are paid to third parties. As a rule, these are the costs paid to the event location or hotels and other service providers such as A/V companies or caterers.

If an agency submits an application on behalf of an organizer, is the funding attributed to the agency or the organizer? (De minimis aid)

The funding is attributed to the organizer, who is responsible for submitting the de minimis declaration. It is not necessary for the agency acting in behalf of the organizer to submit the de minimis declaration.

How and where can I submit an application?

Applications are always possible and can be made online at the application portal. The required information and documents must be filled out completely and correctly.

What documents do I need for the submission?

a. Title, date and duration of the event
b. Planned number of participants on site in Vienna
c. Planned number of total overnight stays
d. Location offer or location contract
e. Expected total costs of the event for the organizer
f. Type of event and industry affiliation
g. Company address, contact details, UID, legal form and account details
h. In the case of a submission in a different name, corresponding authorizations / evidence
i. De minimis declaration: The de minimis declaration is a document in the organizer the amount of all in Austria in the current and the last two The tax years applied for or granted de minimis subsidies and confirmed by the company
j. Consent to this Policy & Consent to Processing personal data

When can the application be submitted?

Applications can be submitted online from 1 July 2022, at the earliest 5 years before the date of the event, to the Vienna Convention Bureau and no later than 3 weeks before the start of the event. 

Am I obliged to inform the Vienna Convention Bureau of any changes relating to the event after receiving a provisional commitment?

Yes. After receiving a provisional commitment, the organizers are obliged to notify the Vienna Convention Bureau of any quantitative or qualitative changes in connection with the event. If the event is postponed within the defined cost recognition period, no new application needs to be submitted. 

When will I be informed whether my application has been approved/the funding amount?

The Vienna Tourist Board carries out a preliminary examination of all applications. After the evaluation is completed, a preliminary funding decision is made based on the preliminary key figures including a preliminary funding amount. The organizer is notified in written form of the provisional decision to grant funding. The actual funding decision and the actual funding amount will be determined by the Vienna Tourist Board after the event has been held and all information submitted.

How are applications ranked?

Submitted applications will be ranked according to the date of their receipt. 

Which documents are required to calculate and settle the actual funding amount once the event is over? 

a.    Invoices in accordance with the legal requirements. For all cost items to be settled, the settlement form must be completed in full and corresponding invoice and payment receipts must be enclosed:

  • Location invoice,
  • Invoices for other event-related services (accommodation, A/V, catering, etc.),

b.    Statistics of participants (number & national or international origin)

Is the funding amount reduced if fewer participants take part in the event than originally planned?

Yes, in line with the at-a-glance funding table which can be found in the Funding Guidelines.

When does funding have to be claimed by?

No later than three months after the end of the event.

How is funding paid out?

The funding amount is paid out in the form of a bank transfer by the Vienna Tourist Board to the organizer's company account.

Is funding granted irrespective of the financial performance of the event?


Can I apply for funding for multiple events?

Yes. Please note that funding must not exceed the ceiling for de minimis aid. 

On which aspects of the EU laws is the funding based?

Funding granted under this program is provided in accordance with the European Union De Minimis Regulation. 

What is a de minimis declaration?

The de minimis declaration is a document in which an event organizer officially declares and duly confirms all of the de minimis aid received in Austria in the current and the previous two fiscal years. The total of all de minimis aid payments to the applicant, including all associated enterprises, during the current and previous two fiscal years may not exceed EUR 200,000.

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