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Austrian Airlines: Rapid Tests for Passengers

In the initial phase, all passengers on flight OS229 to Berlin will have the opportunity to take such a rapid test prior to departure in the period Oct. 23 – Nov. 8, 2020, initially. The tests are free of charge and are carried out on a voluntary basis. For this purpose, Vienna Airport has set up a testing center in the check-in area of Terminal 3. After taking the test, passengers will receive their results within 10-15 minutes, either via SMS or, upon request, after personal inquiry. The boarding card is only activated if the test results are negative, enabling the passenger to gain entry to the security area and gate.

Free rebooking or cancellation

If the test results are positive, the affected passenger will be taken care by the airport medical service in order to fully clarify the individual’s medical condition. Further steps will be specified with the responsible health authorities. In this case, the passenger will be able to rebook or cancel his or her Austrian Airlines flight free of charge.
The large number of travel restrictions have made it difficult for airports and airlines to ensure stable flight operations in the past few months. For this reason, in cooperation with Vienna Airport, Austrian Airlines has defined the goal of showing how one can integrate rapid testing into the passenger’s travel chain. The Lufthansa Group is working with partners on processes enabling intercontinental mobility and the freedom to travel, also during the coronavirus pandemic, while maintaining health protection.

More information: austrian.com

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