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Certification Process

A Green Meeting emphasizes on

  • Environmentally conscious locations and hotels
  • Planning and implementation that minimizes the use of resources
  • Waste prevention and separation
  • Regional, seasonal and organic food
  • Environmentally friendly mobility and reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Social responsibility towards employees and participants
  • Strengthening the regional economy and culture

How to get your Green Meeting certification:

  1. Read the guideline to get an overview of all requirements.
  2. Sign a contract with your partner for certification (venue, agency or external licensee).
  3. Select location, caterer as well as sustainable venues or restaurants for possible side events (ideally certified with the Ecolabel) and conclude the necessary agreements for certification.
  4. Select sustainable hotels for participants and conclude agreements if the hotel rooms are booked centrally.
  5. Communicate the planned measures internally and externally to all participants and partners.
  6. Take into account social aspects such as accessibility, gender mainstreaming, etc.

All must-meet criteria and a number of should-meet criteria are to be met in certain categories in order to receive the certificate.

The implementation of the Ecolabel is carried out by an official licensee. The licensee holder is responsible for ensuring that the criteria are observed and for presenting proof thereof.

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